Sunday, January 18, 2009
  And As You Wake I'm Standing There
So much for writing more frequently. Merry Christmas and Happy new year!

I have been preoccupied, as my parents are currently living with me. It's temporary, but yet it makes life very different in a hard-to-describe way. For one thing, I find myself feeling obsessed with what I'm going to feed people, and for another thing I'm worried about making my father watch American Idol when I know all he wants to do is watch Law and Order reruns with the closed captioning on. And when I say my parents are here, it's really only my father, because my mother is laid up in a very expensive room at a local hospital having just had a very fancy surgery that was, thankfully, quite successful. We're all stressed out around here, though, like everyone got sick the second they came to town. Even the baby is coughing like he's a smoker.

By the way, I got one of those maybe-hoax virus emails a few months ago from someone purporting that if you slather your baby's feet with Vicks Vapo-Rub before he goes to bed that his cough will be cured, and I tried it tonight and little SP has only coughed once, this after spending the first four hours of his slumber last night practically hacking up a lung. So yay for old wives'-tale homeopathic curealls. Doesn't Asian wisdom say that toxins come out through the feet? What happens when you put stuff on the feet and hope that the stuff will go in?

Coming soon is cellphone year in pictures. Can blogger handle it?

Also, thank you to the people who've sent comments. I don't know if I know how to post them yet. Also, they seem kind of personal, so am I supposed to post them? I don't know. And one of them was kind of mean and made me go "Awww, dang," so maybe I'll just keep that one to myself.

(PS. This cute striped hat fell off the baby while we were shopping at Toys R Us in Foster City, and someone stole it and didn't turn it into lost and found and kept it for themselves. Bad karma, loser! I hope his stolen hat makes your hair fall out. Not your baby's hair, just your hair.)

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