Wednesday, September 23, 2009
  With the Magic of Your Smile You Make Me Humble
I've had this open on my desktop for like three weeks, and since I don't have even two minutes of free time anymore -- nobody told me that having two kids like quadruples the workload -- I'm going to just hit the publish button and prove to you that I'm still alive. And what's that? You say I said "two kids"? That's right. I done went and had another baby and survived it. Let me tell you all about my semi-fast labor (not superfast, but definitely faster than the first 28-hour marathon), but let me do it another time. I feel like not posting this has been a roadblock to writing in general, so I really am going to just hit the publish button and get it out of the way.

(Everybody is saying, "She looks just like you!" to which I say, "Thanks for thinking I look like a scrunchy old man!")

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