Friday, March 20, 2009
  Someday You Will Find Me Caught Beneath the Landslide
I'm on hold with my life insurance company. Now that we have no money because of the stupid economy we decided it would be a good idea to get a living trust, so that if we die all of our zero dollars won't go through probate and it'll be easier for our zero-dollar-receiving heirs to inherit their non-money. So to get an address to mail the revised paperwork I have to be on hold for half an hour. At least it's toll-free.

I have a minor situation that's bumming me out. Periodically I get snailmail from people pitching me children's book ideas. My instinct is to help them, to tell them how to approach getting a publisher or how to self-publish, whichever fits their material best, or to urge them to get a little more schooling before trying to publish, which is most often the case. But Gray won't let me write back to them. He goes, "There's a reason half the production companies in Hollywood say 'We won't accept unsolicited material.' It's because they don't want to get sued." He thinks I'm going to respond to one of these people and then they're going to claim that I used their idea in a book and take me to the cleaners for all my zero dollars. So what do I do, not help people? It's so lame. But I don't write back to them because he scared me into not doing it.

So, um, should I say now that I'm pregnant or should I save it for a fresh entry?

I think you should say it now. Congrats!

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